My name is Ray Carruthers
and I am an independent freelance photographer
who specialises in Weddings, Engagements,
Portraiture, Events, School,
Sports/Action photography

Based in Eccelefechan, Dumfries & Galloway.

I truly love to capture more than just a pretty smile looking into my camera.
I love to capture your raw emotions, rather good or bad.
I love moods. I love to look at pictures & FEEL something, rather than just see something.
I am always googling or finding new ways to learn how to bring out emotions during sessions
I’m always trying new things with my camera, lighting, posing, etc.
I believe that photos are such an important part of life.
They are what you will show your grand kids one day.
They are memories you can always go back & look at. & how wonderful is it to look back on an actual memory,
an actual feeling of love or joy, rather than to look back at posed photos & you smiling directly at the camera?
Don’t get me wrong, I love posed photos & I do some in every session, but I also strive to capture so much more than that,
so much more than a simple smile, but a true feeling.
I also am wonderful with families, kids, pets, & people I’ve never met before.
I love making people feel comfortable & not “awkward”. I love meeting new friends, & I think of EVERY client as my friend for life.
My goal is to create more than just photos, but memories for you & your family to cherish for a lifetime.

Please feel free to look around, enjoy my work and contact me with any enquires.

I hope this helps you to know a little more about me, & my partner & my love for photography, & my goals when meeting you & your loved ones.

My Name Is
Diane Carruthers
Video photographer & second photographer
I also behind the scene editing and also producing your wedding books

Thanks for reading.

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traditional and modern marriages

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